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Mourning Cloak Butterfly

2024 Winter Lecture Series: Spring Butterflies

Join naturalist Dave Small and celebrate the arrival of spring as he discusses emerging Spring and early Summer Butterflies. Learn where to look for various butterflies, their life histories, and how to identify them.

2024 Winter Lectures: Geological History of Wales and Vicinity

Professor Richard Little will present a program on the geological “deep history” of Wales and its vicinity. Included in the program will be a story of the birth and death of the Pangea Supercontinent which includes continental collisions and great rift faults that created the Connecticut River Valley Region, dinosaur footprints, glaciers, and Lake Hitchcock. Professor Little is also the discoverer of rare, Jurassic armored mud balls seen only in Franklin County and is presently working to have these “interesting, photogenic, and fun geological oddities” become the “official sedimentary structure” of Massachusetts!

Violet wood sorrel (Oxalis violacea)

2024 Winter Lectures: Introduction to Foraging

Join Rachel Goclawski as she explains the basics of sustainable foraging in the wild. Foraging is a great way to incorporate local, nutrition-packed foods into your diet. It’s a fun way to get outdoors with friends and family, and sustainable foraging has a positive impact on native ecosystems. Get started on your wild food foraging journey by learning how to select a guidebook and how to forage through the seasons. Learn about the identification of some common wild edibles in New England, their preparation and preservation tips.

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The Norcross Wildlife Winter Lecture Series Returns

The Norcross Wildlife Foundation is pleased to announce the return of its winter lecture series after a two-year break necessitated by the pandemic.  We are also pleased that our programs …