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Northeastern Native Plants Resources

Field guides 

  • Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide, Lawrence Newcomb and Gordon Morrison 
  • Weeds of the Northeast, Richard Uva, Joseph Neal, Joseph
  • Wildflowers of New England, Ted Elliman 

 Botanical Keys 

  • Flora Novae-Angliae, Arthur Haines 
  • Gray’s Manual of Botany, Merritt Fernald and Asa Gray 
  • Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada, Henry Gleason and Arthur Cronquist 
  • Plant Identification Terminology, Harris and Harris (not actually a botanical key but essential for anyone learning botanical terminology) 

 Foraging and Eating Wild Plants 

 Additional Literature 

  • Bringing Nature Home, Doug Tallamy 
  • Garden Revolution, Larry Weaner 
  • Growing and Propagating Wildflowers, William Cullina 
  • Native Ferns, Mosses, and Grasses, William Cullina 
  • Native Plants for New England Gardens, Dan Jaffe and Mark Richardson 
  • Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines, William Cullina 
  • Planting in a Post Wild World, West and Rainier 
  • The Living Landscape, Tallamy and Darke 

Websites and Apps


  • Bluestem Natives, Norwell, MA 
  • Helia Native Nursery, West Stockbridge, MA 
  • Izel Plants, Various locations, East Coast 
  • Native Plant Trust (and Nasami Farm), Framingham and South Deerfield, MA 
  • New England Wetland Plants, South Hadley, MA 
  • North Creek Nurseries, Landenburg, PA 
  • Pinelands Nursery, Columbus, NJ 
  • Planters Choice. Watertown, CT 
  • Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, MN 
  • Sudbury Nurseries West, Gill, MA 
  • Van Berkum Nurseries, Deerfield, NH 
  • Wild Ridge Plants, Alpha, NJ  

Edible Plants Nurseries 

  • Burnt Ridge Nursery, Onalaska, WA  
  • Cold Stream Nursery, Free Soil, MI  
  • Fedco, Clinton, ME 
  • Great Plains Nursery, NE 
  • Oikos Tree Crops (Nursery closed in 2021, seeds still available) 
  • Peaceful Heritage Nursery, Stanford, KY
  • Stark Brothers, Louisiana, MO 

Seed Suppliers 

  • Bluestem Natives 
  • Ernst Conservation Seeds 
  • F.W. Schumacher 
  • Prairie Moon Nursery 
  • Prairie Nursery 
  • Roundstone Native Seed Company
  • Vermont Wildflower Farm 
  • Wild Seed Project 

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