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What is a Woodland Ambassador? They are landowners who are passionate about their property, and want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with others. They are people who care about the land, flora and fauna in their communities and act as citizen sparks to be proactive about conserving these special places. Woodland Ambassadors typically host events, such as a walk in the woods or an informal pow-wow, where other landowners, neighbors, conservation-minded people and professionals can share information.

The Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary is part of a Regional Conservation Partnership, or RCP, called the MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership. MassConn is a voluntary association of land trusts, conservation organizations, municipal, state and federal agencies and foresters serving a region of 38 towns spanning the border of South-Central Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut. We work to identify, protect and enhance the forested landscape of south-central Massachusetts and northeastern Connecticut.

Together, MassConn and the Woodland Ambassadors make a great team, proving an invaluable service to all of us. The wealth of knowledge and experience in these two groups not only makes it possible to do good conservation work, it also is an outlet to educate people as to why good conservation is necessary. We rely upon nature for many things, and we cannot take that for granted.

For more information about MassConn or the Woodland Ambassador Program, visit MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership/


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