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While walking the trails today I noticed a prominent new feature and I was excited!   Well, not new to me, but new along the trails.   During our final weeks of the summer work crew we began installing cedar posts along the trails.   My crew and I have set 27 eight foot posts, we have about 8 more to install.  Each post is set about 2’ down into the ground and they will be cut down to a much shorter height in the next few weeks.

What makes me excited about the posts is that they represent new signage for our trails! We believe that the signs will be a great way to guide people around our trails and tell you a little more about our gardens if you wish to know more.     I spend a lot of time of the trails – I know them well, but I know that some people get confused sometimes.   I hope that these new directional signs will help people get around better – to know which garden they are coming upon, what is the best way to get back to the visitor center – and find any feature that they are looking for – including the rose garden or the museum.

We will also be installing display signs at each garden, giving visitors information on each garden, what kind of habitat it represents (or is) and give some interesting facts or description of the site.   These signs will have photographs of some of the wildflowers commonly found in that garden.

We are trying to keep the signs from detracting from your experience here at Norcross, yet help navigate the trails better – in case visitors need a little more information about how and what is along our trails.   We are looking forward to the installation of these new signs and hope you will be able to come and see them soon!

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