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A detection device for EAB- the emerald ash borer. EAB is a non-native, invasive beetle that is threatening our ash trees. While we have not yet detected this pest at Tupper Hill yet, EAB has been found just south of the Connecticut border, in Ellington, which isn’t too far away. For more information about EAB in Connecticut, click here.  EAB was recently detected in Worcester, MA as well.  For more information about EAB in Massachusetts, click here.

The purple traps, sometimes called ‘Barney Boxes’. ‘Purple Panel Traps’ or ‘Purple Prisms’ are hung from ash trees. This past week, we installed a number of Purple Panel Traps around the greater Sanctuary.  They are baited with two types of lures to attract EAB and are VERY sticky- if you see one on the ground please let us know and don’t try and pick it up.

Please note that the purpose of these purple traps is not to eliminate any beetles that may be present, an impossible task if they are, but to make us aware when EAB arrives.  Thank You to our friend Felicia Andre, Assistant Forester for MA DCR Forest Health, for bringing us the purple prisms.


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