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Foresters for the Birds  is the topic for our talk presented on Saturday, March 17 here at Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary.  The name may be a little mis-leading and may make you wonder – is this just for Foresters?  People who work in the woods?  The answer is NO.

Habitat for birds is considered the preferred, high quality breeding habitat of a species.  Because we see birds flying or at our feeder do we think about what where they prefer to live?   Not all birds are found in the same location and not all birds like the same kind of forest. Join us to find out what attracts our birds and what kinds of habitats support different populations.

Natural disasters like the tornado or winter storms have a big effect on the forest as well as the bird species using that area.  We can think of these events like a giant forest cutting operation.  The open areas rapidly start growing new trees and a whole new set of creatures, and especially birds, may appear.  If there is a forest cut near you, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing to have happen, it can be good for both the forest and the diversity of species that live there.  Learn to view forestry in a new way!

Jeff Ritterson is an ornithologist with Massachusetts Audubon Society, he will share his insights into the needs of birds and how changes can affect who lives there.  If you are interested in birds, and where to observe them, reserve your place now by calling 413-267-9654.

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