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This Saturday (March 10th) Don Duffy will be joining us to present “Exploring the Bay Path” for our winter lecture series.  The Bay Path is a fascinating tidbit of local history.  Some people have heard of the path itself and many know of Bay Path University in Longmeadow or Bay Path Vocational School in Charlton.  Few understand the local significance of The Bay Path and its course through Monson, Brimfield, Sturbridge and the surrounding area.

Native Americans needed to move about from the rich soils of the Connecticut River Valley, to central woodlands filled with game, and to the abundant fish and shellfish at the coast.  According to Levi Badger Chase, who authored The Bay Path and Along the Way, these paths were “narrow but deeply worn.  They traveled in single file.”  Looking at the maps, the path went up hills with strategic vantage points (Steerage Rock, Brimfield) and connected valuable resources like ponds and rivers along the way.  One very important stop: Tantiusques, the lead (graphite) mine in Sturbridge.

Interestingly enough, when settlers moved into the area, their method of travel differed from theirs.  While the Bay path must have been a key way of them moving westward (and finding resources) the path itself changed in appearance and in some cases, the route.  So wherein lies the great Bay Path?  Come see what Don had discovered as he explores the Bay Path.

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