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If you live in New England, you’ve seen them.  Stone walls, cellar holes, cairns, wells- many different structures made of stone.  Some may take them for granted and some others may take them, especially those nice, flat, level capstones for their own structure-building.  These stone structures tell a story, but how do you read it?

A number of years ago, the land trust I volunteer for was working on a conservation project, the Flynt Quarry Lands in Monson.  I was familiar with the beautiful granite buildings in town and aware that the rock came from a local quarry, but it wasn’t until this project that I learned how sought after Monson granite was.  I also didn’t know how to read the stories left behind in the rocks until I serendipitously met Mary and James Gage.

Interested in learning more?
Come to our first winter lecture on Saturday, January 23 to see a presentation by Mary and James Gage, a mother and son team who have been researching historic & prehistoric stone structures and quarrying for over 20 years.  You can learn more about them at

Please RSVP to 413-267-9654 or via email for the lecture.


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