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My daughter is heading up to Maine this weekend to go camping with her roommates.   She texted me this morning and was asking about a garden we visited on a summer trip to Maine.   She was asking about the Asticou Azalea gardens that I visited while in college and then took her to visit in mid-summer quite a few years ago.   This is probably one of the best times to visit that garden as I am sure that all the azaleas are in full bloom, but it reminded me that now is the perfect time to go out and visit some gardens.[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×150.jpg” width=”150″ align=”right” title=”” frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]

My garden chores are mostly done – all the gardens have been weeded and mulched.   The annuals went in a couple of weeks ago  and we have had plenty of rain to keep everything looking good.  There are a couple places that I, personally, like to go including Garden in the Woods in Framingham, Tower Hill in Boylston or Bartholomew’s Cobble in Sheffield.   The latter is great on a hot weekend as it is along the Housatonic River and tends to be cool.   I also love it for the unusual ferns that you can see growing there.

For you, my readers, that could also mean the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary.   The gardens are in tip-top shape!  The yellow lady’s slippers are still in bloom (although not for long) along with many of the spring wildflowers.   The short trail garden is full of plants in bloom – they change a bit from week to week, but it is always interesting.  We are coming up on a time of change in the garden – switching from spring to summer flowers.  Our plants have held on longer and some things have bloomed a little later this year due to the cool temperatures and the rain.   However, the rose garden will be in full bloom later in June and some of the summer flowers will start to pop out in the meadow.  I love our gardens because there is always something new to see – even for me.   Each year brings something just a little bit different.

Most of our hard work is over in the garden for a few months.   Get out and enjoy!  Our area offers many natural areas, gardens – both formal and informal, and great hiking.   Take the time to enjoy it.

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