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The Norcross Wildlife Foundation would like to thank Tom Ricardi for his Birds of Prey presentation and for his years of dedication to these birds. If anyone would like to help Tom continue to “Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release”, donations may be made to the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center, PO Box 26, Conway, MA 03141. Thank you to all who attended today’s  event!

Registration has closed for this event as we are at capacity!

Join Tom Ricardi for a close encounter with live birds of prey.  Tom is the owner of the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center in Conway and cares for injured falcons, owls, eagles, and other raptors, rescuing between 125-150 birds a year.  Retired from a 38-year career with the Massachusetts Environmental Police, Tom has had an interest in birds since he was a child and is considered the most knowledgeable resource for injured raptors in Western Massachusetts. 

Registration has closed for this event as space is limited and we are at capacity.  Programs are held indoors at the Norcross Wildlife Foundation’s Visitor Center, 30 Peck Road in Wales, MA.