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Last Saturday, I set up a table at the Show Up Brimfield, Holland, Wales event.  The goal of the event was to bring folks in these three small towns together and strengthen community organizations that provide important services for all.  There were a number of different nonprofits there ranging from the arts council to the food pantry.

I am always surprised at how many people come up to me at events like this (and it happens at Tupper Hill, too) and say they didn’t know about The Sanctuary.  Even people who live adjacent to Norcross property have never stopped in to check out the museum or take a walk on the trails.  Some folks say they drive by every day, look at the sign and the beautiful planting, but didn’t know there was a museum, gardens and trails. My favorite is parents who say, “Oh, that’s where little Billy went on his school field trip!”

In the spirit of the Show Up event, I am inviting all of you to come and visit Norcross.  We do not charge an admission fee.  There are just under three miles of trails, a number of different habitat gardens planted with native species, two museums and knowledgeable staff that can help you identify that butterfly or wildflower.  Whether you’ve lived here all your life or just visiting, put us on your bucket list of wildlife sanctuaries to visit.

We are currently planning events for autumn and are seeking ideas for our winter lecture series.  Let us know what you’d like to see or hear or do during a visit here.  Perhaps you have a group who might be interested in a motor tour- give us a call and schedule one today!

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